The narcissism network and centrality of narcissism features


The aim of this research was to explore the underlying structural organization and centrality of narcissism features by using network analysis. The research was conducted on a sample from the general population using subscales of four narcissism instruments (Narcissism Personality Inventory, Grandiose Narcissism Scale, Pathological Narcissism Inventory, Five-Factor Narcissism Inventory Short Form). The results revealed detection of four communities, one of which was interpreted as vulnerable narcissism, while the remaining three were interpreted as aspects of grandiose narcissism (grandiose exhibitionism, narcissistic antagonism, and authority). The results suggested that although features of grandiose narcissism (grandiose exhibitionism and leadership/authority) show consistent higher strength centrality across networks, entitlement/exploitativeness, followed by grandiose fantasy, has a central role in bringing together maladaptive grandiose and vulnerable aspects of narcissism. In addition, leadership/authority brings together various aspects of grandiose narcissism. The results support the role of entitlement features as the core of narcissism.

Current Psychology