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I’m an Assistant Professor at University of Novi Sad working at the Department of Scoiology. I completed my sociology PhD in 2019 and my main research interests are centered around applying statistical and computational methods. In 2023, I was a Fulbright Visting Scholar at University of Virginia.

Currently I’m the maintainer of transforEmotion R package for sentiment analysis for text, image and video using transformer models (>6k installs on CRAN).

My Erdős number is 4 (A. Tomašević – M. Mitrović Danuklov – G. Caldarelli – B. Bollobás – P. Erdős).

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I’m a Linux 🐧 geek, so naturally I support FOSS in everything I do.

I enjoy coding in R, Python and Julia. I don’t enjoy JavaScript.

Whenever possible I prefer plain text (txt, md, tex) to alternatives. I like to own my files and don’t depend on proprietary software to read them in 5, 10 years or more. I’m also a fan of single text file productivty, you can check out my VSCode extension Working Memory for more details.


Computational Social Science & Complex Networks

Network Psychometrics

Belief Networks



Over the years I’ve consulted with a number of companies and organizations. Most of it is survey design, research and data analysis. Contact me if you’re interested in my services.

Past clients:

At the start of COVID-19 pandemic I was happy to volunteer for Data Versus Corona in attempt to use R and Shiny to visualize the pandemic.